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Executive Protection

Clients face threats everywhere, when traveling, at special events, on the campaign trail, even at home too and going to and from the workplace.

Global Elite Protection & Security can help clients assess, predict, avoid and mitigate threats, and protect clients during their day-to-day lives anywhere in the world. That protection is based on a holistic approach designed to anticipate, identify and reduce threats, using strategic planning and field-proven tactics to proactively protect high-profile individuals from threats all over the world. 

We evaluate potential security risks and dynamically adjust our services as needed.


For example, traveling to an event, appearing at that event, leaving the event to return to the office, and then traveling from the office to home. 



Executive Security

Global Elite Protection & Security provide an exclusive and prestige security services in luxury venues in the area of South Florida/ USA.


> Exclusive NightClubs

> Exclusive Bars

> Exclusive Lounges

> Private Events

> Exclusive Retail Stores

> Luxury High Rise Buildings



Training and Conference

Global Elite Protection & Security provide international training and some Conferences in different countries, thanks our years of training and experience, plus our daily duty with clients, made us qualify to show you new techniques and procedures that happen around the world. 

For more information and details about international training courses, please contact us.



Risk Assessments

Global Elite Protection & Security can provide up-to-date, thorough risk assessments for a country, a region, a state, a city or a specific location. Based on our “boots on the ground” operatives, as well as assessment specialists, we can provide travel advisories and other valuable insights before a trip to virtually anywhere.

> Crime and safety situation analysis

> Political violence and terrorism

> Regional terrorism, civil unrest and other local/regional issues

> Location-specific security matters

> Travel concerns

> Kidnappings, arrests and other incidents

> Critical cultural issues

> Incident avoidance


Security Guards

Global Elite Protection & Security provide security services in different area of South Florida/ USA.


> Parking Lots

> Warehouse

> Construction site

> Parks

> Private Properties

> others

Security Services for Schools/ Daycares

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