What our clients say about us

What our clients are saying about Global Elite Protection & Security.

…” We are very grateful for the logistical help that GEP gives us when it goes to Miami, Florida. A reliable and loyal company..”


Dignitary Protection

Magen Unit Dignitary Protection Prime Ministre's Office

Telaviv, Israel

... "In our times, not only a regular security company is needed; but a proactive company that knows how to react in different situations and emergencies. Thanks to the Global Elite Protection team, we feel safe in our meetings..."

Joe  Hantebi

Magen David Congregation

Florida/  USA

…” Un honor trabajar con el equipo de Protección Ejecutiva acá en Mexico, cuidando sus clientes. Como fuerzas publicas felicitamos por el profesionalismo y dedicación que tiene en grupo de Global Elite Protection...”

Crnl. de Policia Marco Fernandez

Policia de D.F..

Mexico/ Mexico

…” In all our properties and events that we carry out at the national level, we always care about the safety of our investors and customers; for that reason we put our security in the hands of Global Elite Protection & Security. Professionals and with a lot of knowledge in the field of security.


                                                                       Alberto Kamhazi

                                                                        General Manager.

                                                                              USA/ CHINA

…” Global Elite Protection & Security has been our first choice for all D.O.G. events. They do an outstanding job, and make us and our dogs feel safe and secure.”

Andres Antunez

CEO of D.O.G.

Miami Midtown/ Coral Gables/ Fort Lauderdale/  USA

…” I just want to say that Global Elite Protection & Security makes me feel so confortable and secure, no just only with me, also with my family. It is incredible how professional they are, how the do the work on the road, It is amazing. One time a someone, you know maybe a fan, I guess a crazy fan, he was drunk and try to approach to me in wrong way… And Jose my head security from GEP handle it in the amazing way. It’s not only been aggressive, it’s just been smart and been strategic… I’m going to be with this Company for ever.”

Producer/ Artist/ Writer
USA/ Dominican Republic


…” To me, Global Elite Protection & Security has been a dream services. Very professional, secure always on time. and best of all, GEP handles the client’s privacy with the outmost respect. My experience so far has been exceptional. Truly recommended.”


Henry Santos
Artist/ Producer/ Writer 
USA/ Dominican Republic

…” Global Elite Protection & Security is Baru Urbano’s first choice for our security needs. The staff is quick to respond and our diffuse any situation that has come up in a nighttime bar setting. We trust them to keep our facility, our employees and our customers safe and ensure that everybody has a good time. We have never worked with such a professional and efficient security company and they will be our security for the foreseeable.”

Hector Antunez
Owner Baru Urbano 
Miami/ Brickell/ Kendall/ Doral/ USA

…”Unfortunately the new society affect the protection in our schools.. How preschool and taking care the kids of different families, our corporation decide to hire, not only a regular security company, in our times we need a really good trained company to react to different situation like active shooters, bomb threat and so on. That's why we have Global Elite Protection & Security on our side.”
Thank you so much guys to be there for us.

Mariana Godinez
Miami/ The Roads/ Brickell/ USA

…” Como Infante de Marina del Ecuador, he realizado cursos y trabajos fuera mi pais, el recibir entrenamiento de parte del equipo de Global Elite Protection & Security, no solo me ha ayudado en mi trabajo del dia a dia, sino tambien en mi vida personal. Esta opinion es compatida por la Primera Promocion de Seguridad VIP del Cuerpo de Infanteria de Marina del Ecuador. Muy agradecido por sus conocimientos y experiencias compartidas.”

CPFG-EM Jorge Polanco

Comandante del Batallon de Esmeraldas # 12 
Esmeraldas/ Ecuador

…” Because One Thousand Museum is going to be one of the most exclusive buildings in Miami, we should have the best security in the area, since many of the building materials are directly imported from Dubai. For this reason, after trying two regular security companies, we decided to contract a proactive team with different experiences in the field of security and protection, Global Elite Protection & Security fulfills all our expectations.

One Thousand Museum 

Plaza Construction

Miami/ USA

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